Brawl Stars Free Gems

The makers of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans have released their newest mobile interactive game – Brawl Stars. Since then, a new epoch started – the need of Brawl Stars free gems.

To answer the question why is to so, one must first understand the complete engine of the game. The game is played online, it’s cooperative and therefore, these resources are strictly controlled.

What is Brawl Stars?

It is the latest Supercell game. As we mentioned earlier, the game is played online in a multiplayer mode. You’re stepping into the arena and, depending on the game mode, complete the objective to win.

Brawl Stars gameplay

Brawl Stars is categorized as a ‘shoot them up’-action mobile game. In fact, it’s a third-person shooter game, displaying the character from an aerial point of view.

Brawl Stars Characters

They are the champions of the arena. Each character in Brawl Stars has his own set of abilities and skills. You get to choose one and he will represent you on the battlefield.

Brawl Stars Resources

Just as most of the mobile games nowadays, Brawl Stars has predefined types of resources you need to further advance into the game. These are coins, tokens, power points, and gems.


Gems are the premium resource in the game, usually acquired with in-app purchases, by spending real money. Know this, they are not cheap. As a matter of fact, most people find them quite expensive.

Gems price

This makes Brawl Stars exactly the same as Clash Royale. Or even Clash of Clans for that matter. It’s a “pay to win” game and therefore, this really frustrates most of the people.

That’s why a need for the Brawl Stars free gems emerged. People wish to advance faster and they need this resource to make this so. Spending thousands of dollars is not everybody’s possible option.

This go-tool is an already tried and recommended option to obtain these free gems. It generates them directly into your account, without the need to pay for anything.

Brawl Stars free gems

No such thing as free lunch – one smart man used to say. While that is often true, the lunch in this opportunity comes for a fair request to complete a quick survey in order to use the tool.


The second most needed resource is coins. It’s acquired with participating in the game and by winning battles. Additionally, you can trade your newly acquired free gems in the game’s shop to obtain coins.

Coins are mostly used to upgrade your Brawl Stars characters or purchase some daily deals from the shop. Keep in mind that, in order to upgrade your champion, you must have enough power points.


Tokens are used to open Brawl boxes. You can obtain them in the shop by spending some of the acquired gems.


Used to upgrade your Brawlers. Thus, this will improve their attack, defense, and Brawler level.

You gain power points through the Brawl boxes, which is usually a very small amount. However, the preferred way to obtain a large number of power points is to spend the primary resource – gems.

How to Obtain Brawl Stars Free Gems?

As I stated above, gems are the only premium resource in the game. They are used to purchase all other resources but are very hard to obtain. That’s why a need for a free Brawl Stars gems generator emerged.

How to obtain Brawl Stars free gems

Very few people have the luxury to nonchalantly purchase such a large amount of gems for such an extreme and high price. Therefore, people try to cheat Brawl Stars, instead.

I’ve tried this Brawl Stars generator myself and, to my big surprise, it worked. It simply generated the number of gems I inserted. As a matter of fact, I was amazed at how fast it delivered the results.

Therefore, I’ve decided to give it a review. Let’s start with how it works…

How the Brawl Stars Generator Works?

First of all, I must notice that the tool is very simple. However, the best of all is that it’s free. It uses an algorithm to connect to the Supercell’s serves and quickly gets the job done.

Brawl Stars free gems generator

It just needs your BS username. After that, you have to select the number of gems you want. It’s a set of predefined values the algorithm can get for you. In addition, here’s a link where you can use it:

Since the tool is free, it’s mostly overused. However, it is designed for personal use only. That’s why human verification is required. It’s a small site survey you need to fill. After that, the gems are immediately transferred into your account.

Some steps might require your phone number. Provide your number with no worries. Hence, after the transfer of gems is complete, just cancel the phone number by sending a message “S”.

Brawl Stars Free Gems Step-by-Step Guide

To make it easy for you, here’re is a simple step-by-step guide on how to obtain the free gems:

  1. Choose the number of gems you want to obtain. Click on the Generate button.
  2. A new popup box will appear asking for your BS username. Insert the exact username.
  3. The process will start immediately. Wait for it to finish. Once it’s finished, the human verification button will appear.
  4. Click on the “Verify Now” button to start the Human Verification process. Click on some of the links that appeared on the screen and follow the instruction.
  5. If you’ve chosen a mobile offer, don’t worry. Once the procedure is done and Human Verification is finished, you can send a message with a text “S” and you will unsubscribe from it.
  6. Once the procedure is complete, enjoy your newly acquired gems!

Final Words

Obtaining Brawl Stars gems for free have never been easier. There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars to rank higher in the game. In fact, you can do it totally for free.

This Brawl Stars generator is a third-party tool. I don’t own, nor have any credit in its creation. All the copyrights go to the creator and owner of it.

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