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GTA 5 is one of the most spectacular and famous video game franchises in recent years. In case you want to download GTA 5, it is available on all platforms: Windows, iPhone, Android, PS3, PS4, Xbox, etc…

The open-world, freedom of movement, characters and its stories, however, have made each of the games in the saga a real attraction.

GTA 5: Back in Los Santos

The City of Los Angeles Recreation – San Andreas is the protagonist again in GTA 5. Its three characters (a crook, a bank robber and a psychopath) mingle with the lowest crime, with corrupt officials of the U.S. government and the entertainment industry.

Download GTA 5

From there, you know the story: violence and a huge world to explore in search of new missions.

In addition, here are the GTA 5 key features:

  • 4K graphics quality.
  • Bigger game card than ever before.
  • Online GTA 5 multiplayer mode.
  • Save parts and edit videos to create short films with Rockstar Editor.
  • Improvements in vehicle driving and the combat and shooting system for previous versions.
  • Characters and voices of the game voice voices voiced by professional actors.

A Smoother Gaming System

One of the novelties of this new San Andreas is that the game system has become more fluid. It gets closer to the gameplay of shooters and the experience is more fluid and fast. Additionally, there is a lot more action and more adventure.

GTA 5 gameplay

The $265 million game development of Grand Theft Auto 5 put it (at that time) in second place in the most expensive ranking in history.

GTA 5 Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 was initially an independent game. Now, however, has been included in the main game among a patch.

Therefore, you can play against other users alone or in teams with several modes of play: game to death, party to death teams, missions, last living team, capture, race… All on a special scenario for biker gangs where the characters belong to the environment.

GTA 5 multiplayer mode

And if you have problems going through one of the phases you can use all the tricks, tips, guides, keys and codes you can find on the Internet. The community of players is huge and very active.

On the other hand, we will wait precisely for it to do as on previous versions: that it prepares mods to increase the possibilities of the game.

You know that GTA 5 for PC is a classic since the day of release. So don’t doubt for a moment and download the most spectacular action game of recent years.

Why Should You Download GTA 5?

Everyone wants to download GTA 5, and we’ve finally been able to bring you the best version. It is the latest game in the GTA franchise and is also one of the biggest open-world games out there.

Why Should You Download Grand Theft Auto

A long single-player campaign with a story full of surprises and plot twists. Multiplayer modes of all sorts to play with your friends and missions of your own to create.

Switch between Franklin, the ambitious gangster from Grove Street; Michael, a mastermind bank robber; and Trevor – a deranged, cannibalistic, ex-military psychopath and explore the wildest parts of Los Santos.

Features & Multiplayer

Having won many game awards and being one of the best-selling games in the world, it’s not without a reason. The vast experiences, game-modes, and opportunities the players can go through are only a part of that.

Plan multiplayer heists with your friends or create different races to compete in. Players can also roam around the free-world and interact with NPCs while being in the same world as their friends on multiplayer.

Go to the barbershop together, run from the cops together or simply climb Mount Chiliad and parachute down. So many things to do, don’t let people tell you stories. Experience it yourself.

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