FIFA 18 Download – Ultimate Team Edition

FIFA 18 Download

The 25th installment in the FIFA series is here. We bring you the free FIFA 18 Download, with Ultimate Team included. For a long time, people that have wanted to play FIFA multiplayer with a cracked version have been held back by Origin. Not anymore.

FIFA 18 Download

With this version, you bypass the Origin verification after running the launcher and go to the servers straight away. Apart from the multiplayer mode, you can also play the full story-mode – ‘The Journey’.

Features & Additions

For the first time in franchise history, this game introduces real-life motion technology. The technology captures real-life movements of some of the biggest superstars and transfers them into the game.

Whether you are controlling your favorite players or playing against them, you will get the feeling that you are actually watching them play out there.

Apart from that, this latest FIFA game also features over five new leagues, hundreds of new commentary lines and most important of all, real-life adaptive engines.

Those affect the sun-movement, crowd reactions and banners, player mechanisms and many other aspects of real football.

FIFA 18 – Ultimate Team (FUT)

The Ultimate Team mode is one of the most played and most requested multiplayer game modes around the world. It gives you the chance to build your dream team of the best players and play against other players.

Use coins to open packs for a chance to get a good player, or get enough to buy the player you want from the market. Once you build the team you always wanted, getting to division 1 will be a piece of cake.

FIFA 18 Download

You can also play exhibition matches against your friends, or play exhibition matches online against random people.

Not all the players in the football world are there, but you can find a lot of no longer active footballers. Some of them include Roberto Carlos, Maradona, Pele, and many others. Albeit rare, they are rated extremely high and will most certainly guarantee you easy wins.

Once you build your team, you can choose your own logo, home and away jerseys, and what stadium to play at when you are at home. The endless possibilities are what makes this game mode very enjoyable and fun, and it doesn’t look like it is getting boring any time soon.

Fifa 18 Download Free

Once you download the game file and run it (recommended to run as administrator), the installation will begin automatically.

It will create an online profile so you can access the online servers and set your nickname and team name. Once everything is done, run ‘FIFA Launcher.exe’ as an administrator and have the time of your life.

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